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Real Estate Career

1st Class Real Estate is a full service real estate company that desires to help YOU grow your business! Like every one else we offer competitive splits & support; however, it is our culture that sets us apart from the rest! We've made it possible for you to grow your business with a team of individuals without breaking the bank!

A company vision clearly defines who and what your organization is, where it’s going, and how it’s going to get there.

1st Class Mission Statement:

We are a company of Real Estate Professionals on a mission to change lives and sell a few homes along the way. We don’t just “do” Real Estate! We strive to make a positive impact in our client’s lives and in the industry with the knowledge and service superior than any other in the real estate industry. We are a business that raises that bar and sets an example.

Culture Keys - Here’s how we change lives and sell a few homes along the way…

1. God is our foundation & is reflected in our culture.
2. We serve to be great with integrity.
3. Our business activity is focused where there is the greatest return.
4. We never leave today without an appointment for tomorrow.
5. Our process is proven, there is no try or can't in our vocabulary.
6. We don't grow followers. We create leaders.
7. Attracting agents creates opportunity.
8. Our list to last process will dominate the market.
9. We believe in relationship based marketing.
10. Our motto remains the same – People over Pennies.

What Qualities Are We Looking For & Questions to Ponder:

HUNGER - - What are your goals? In life and in business? Give me an example of a goal you achieved in the past and the steps you took to make it happen?
HUSTLE - What happens if someone says no to you? What will you do? Give me an example of how you turned a ‘No’ into a ‘Yes’? How do you hustle without hassling?
HUMILITY - What does being humble mean to you? Give me an example of when you were last humble?
CHARACTER - How does your family describe you? What about best friends? Work colleagues? If I bumped into your boss what top 3 words would he use to describe you?
CHEMISTRY - What is your relationship like with your work colleagues? There is no I in TEAM; what are your thoughts on this statement? Give an example of you involved in great teamwork?
COMPETENCY - How many years have you been in real estate? What was your best year? When was that? What are your greatest strengths?

Apply Here to Join. We will contact you for a confidential consultation to discuss your real estate career opportunities here at 1st Class Real Estate.

Before completing your application, please visit http://www.careerdirectonline.org/personalityID and complete a free personality test. Please enter the results in the message section of your application.